Due to COVID-19, We Are Now Online Only Until Further Notice

We are reaching out because we know many local schools are adjusting to a new reality during this pandemic. We are offering these schools our virtual Anti-Bullying program to help students feel engaged and emotionally supported during this time. We love working with students like yours because we were students like yours. And we believe that community building and developing social-emotional skills may be more important now than ever.

Our live virtual sessions last 30 minutes and are delivered over ring central, and accessible content 24/7 on our google classroom, allowing students to participate from home using a phone, laptop, tablet, or computer.

We would love the chance to connect with you and talk a bit more about our program and how we are helping schools like yours. Please let me know a few good days and times this week to connect and see how we can help your school during the pandemic.

Online classes will be via RingCentral, Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.

Best regards,

2020 Vision Sports

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